Can you remove your logo from an item I ordered?

The Honey Bespoke logo is important in helping me build my business, and to recognize the hard work I've put into each design, therefore, I don't remove it from any design.


Can you make a custom design for me, using art/designs you already have?

I can! However, in order to do so, there will be a $40 custom order fee (for orders I print) to cover the cost of time and file setup. This does not cover the cost of each item that is ordered. If you are ordering a digital item only, the custom order fee is $80.


Do you provide a proof?

Proofs are provided only with a purchase of design. Upon purchasing your design, you may have two revisions to your proof. Each additional revision will require a purchase of revision (a listing for this is found in my shop).


I want a design that is not in your shop, is this an option?

I offer semi-custom designs. If you see a design in my shop you like, but want a different border color, or you want the art you see on one card, placed on a different card I have, I can do this. We can treat a design like Build-a-Bear, which we can take parts of different designs to create a custom one! I can even tweak a design! Example: A customer wanted my mermaid card, but for the mermaids to have chef hats. I was able to do this for her, because it was just semi-custom. I do not do custom designs from scratch. This enables me to offer charming prices!


I like a design in your shop, but my photo is an orientation that doesn't match, can you help with this?

Absolutely! You like a card that is horizontal, but your photo doesn't work well with this. I'll take this same design, and change it to a vertical style, so your photo will fit appropriately!


What happens if I don't confirm my proof?

I will send a proof of your design soon after you place your order. Once you get in touch with me, we will work together to perfect your design. However, if I don't hear back from you in three business days to confirm your proof, or let me know how you would like it edited, I will either change your shipping date to give me more time, to hear from you, or if your design is simple, I will have it printed. When you place an order, please be sure to check your messages/email within 24 hours to confirm your proof.


My order arrived late, what now?

Once your order has shipped, unfortunately, it is out of my control. There are times when there are hiccups with UPS and USPS (especially during the holiday season), but I'm unable to control this. I track every order that is placed, and will get in touch with you if I notice there's a problem, and will do my best to figure out a solution to help.


Can I order a design you have, to print at home?

Yes you can! Please check my shop home page and in the menu for designs, select digital files. You will find two options there. Please keep in mind: stationery, milestone cards, and art prints, cannot be printed at home.


There is a problem with my order, what now?

If the error is on my end, after you have approved your proof (I didn't make a change requested, your final product doesn't match the proof I sent you), you will receive 100% of your money back. If an error is caught after your design has been printed, but it matches the proof you also checked, unfortunately, I will not be able to offer a refund. We can work together to figure a solution out!